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What We Do

We are a regional company with services in the Energy Sector throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, that has been in operation for over 25 years and our lead consultants have more than 65 years combined in the energy sector. We also draw on associate international consultants who have more than 100 years of experience combined in the energy sector.

With our partner companies we encompass many critical services ranging from web design and hosting, social branding, data management and storage to data analytics to help you ensure maximum uptime and reliability in your operations what ever your industry and goals.

We are currently working with clients on multiple paths to find solutions to reduce our carbon footprint globally. Focusing on methods and tools to find solutions that will both educate and move forward in bringing practical results including in the renewables sector with solutions in Photovoltaic (Solar), Wind and battery Storage.

NRG Investing - Energy and Data Consultants




NRG Investing Consultant - Energy and Data Consultants

Cameron Burn

Favorite Quote

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
~ Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism


Cameron has spent over 25 years in both business management of startups and established companies in the utilities sector. During his career he has organised and led large teams from global companies through the entire process of design, procurement, logistics, civil, engineering and control systems. Ensuring the businesses meet quality expectations and time frames for high budget projects.

During his career he has been instrumental in the design and implementation of Smart Grid and IT Systems architecture, database and web design related to the energy sector.

Currently his focus is on using his experience to develop consultancy relationships to increase clients’ abilities to become self-sufficient in reduction of carbon emissions and therefore climate change.

Some Of Our Energy Clients

Dominica Electricity Company DOMLEC
Suriname Electricity Company EBS
Antigua Public Utilities Company APUA
EDF France
France DOM
St. Kitts Electricity Company SKELEC
Saint Kitts
Guyana Power and Light GPL

Project Management Consultancy

Our project management consultancy services include the following. For the purpose of simplicity the information is not complete but shown as an example.

Initial Business Justification Stage

NRG Invest Limited works closely with stakeholders to prepare documentation to the start-up of new projects. ‘we view this critical stage as an imperative step in determining the validity of the project related to the business.

We have been involved in the initial preparation of implementing creation of Request For Proposal (RFP) documentation and response to RFP for energy projects in photovoltaic, wind and battery storage.

Design Stage

Depending on the business partner’s requirements and stage in their project process, NRG Invest Limited will review the current design and process documentation, if any are available, and prepare initial design documentation. We will be involved throughout the process with all stakeholders to compile a solution that represents the need of the client and ensure the supplier has the required expertise and supply to complete the project on-time and to quality expectations.

We have prepared designs for multiple sectors in both energy and data services over time. These include utility power station initial designs from green-grass to full civil and plant systems as well as monitoring and control data systems for energy systems as well as in other commercial sectors. In each case we have ensured to tailor the project to suit the client.

Procurement Stage

Whether the project is in the initial stages or already started, NRG Invest Limited can assist in sourcing, validating, negotiating and creating a strong relationship with suppliers to ensure the project supply is on time and to the quality expectations of the project board. Involvement of suppliers as stakeholders in the project with high level communication on product requirements and quality assurance is imperative.

Our previous experience in procurement ranges from the small single supply chains to large multi-country, multi-supplier chains with coordination on design expectations for interoperability of supplier products and on-time delivery based on the project stage requirements.

Installation Stage

In order to start the installation stage of a project many factors need to be completed from the above initial and design stages to preparing the project documentation including the designation of stakeholders, project stages, timelines with critical paths. NRG Invest Limited has both been involved in the entire process as well as the ability to take on a project that has begun and needs to be further defined and prepared to either restart a stalled project or correct issues to bring the project back on track.

We have been involved in both project lead and acting as a stakeholder within projects ranging from utility SCADA/Smart Grid to commercial port security services installations.

Commissioning Stage

At this stage the project is being prepared for final testing and handover. To reach this point, proper documentation should be in place covering all issues and risks and that all stakeholders have been involved to ensure that all aspects of the project have been correctly completed.

We have commissioned projects ranging from over 20 Megawatt systems for utilities to online data collection and monitoring systems for ensuring proper completion of the systems for stakeholders with final checklists and training implemented to ensure after handover the systems can be operated as expected and to the quality level the systems were designed for.

Project Completion

It is imperative that to complete a project that will create a beneficial product for the business use that post project activities are implemented. Ensuring that the users have received the product they expect and that they understand how to use it to benefit the business will ensure the satisfactory return expected when the project was initiated.

NRG Invest Limited has implemented post project follow up on many project commissioned by us to ensure the user satisfaction. In many cases we are still working with these clients years after the project completed and have developed a long standing strong relationship.

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