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Understanding Energy Usage Is Key

Why Reduce Energy Consumption?

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Energy is everywhere, in us and all around us. We need it every second of every day!

In the world we live in, our day to day life relies on energy from electricity companies. As we understand more and more our continuous increase in energy consumption is gravely affecting our planet, it is up to us to conserve our usage and find more efficient “Green” methods of producing and consuming energy.

How Can We Help?

Our decades of experience in the electrical energy sector combined with our constant drive to better efficiency in the sector enables NRG Invest Limited to comprehend the problems we face and use our knowledge to facilitate ideas and solutions to drive new concepts to better global energy usage for reduction in carbon emissions and climate change.

Our Energy Services And History


More than 75MW of new power generation installed and commissioned for utilities in the Caribbean and Suriname.


Efficiency upgrading more than 100MW of refurbished generation for utilities in the Caribbean and South America.


PPA, O&M and Support Services Agreements assisting several Caribbean utilities in their drive for efficiency.


Power Plant upgrades, IT Data Acquisition Systems and fuel oil conversions creating efficient for carbon reduction.

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